We design the future!

The metaverse is shaped and limited by the technology we use to access it, we use to play VR games, so to have modern VR games in the VR world we need to address this issue. And this is exactly what we at Metabourne team had been doing in the last 2 years.

In cooperation with leading brands in this industry, we have developed Revolutionary Next-Gen 3D Technology. Next-Gen 3D Technology will give you the ability to create your clone for the virtual world exactly like you look like in the real world, or a modified version of yourself, with unlimited options on how to create your character.

And that is not all, one of the very simple and futuristic items is our patent-waiting VR goggles that will combine all the best qualities of the best VR goggles on the market right now and some special features that we developed in-house.

It all falls on What you can do in the metaverse, and for everyone following closely this project it seems that nothing will be impossible in Metabourne.

One of the reasons why VR projects are so relevant and crucial is because it gives the people chance and ability to be what they cant be in the real world. There is no impossibility of what you cant do in the Metaverse. And all the big companies have recognized this and are making a shift to Meta.
Metaverse is the future, Metabourne is the first big step in that direction.

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