MetaBourne is revolutionizing the VR gaming experience

Virtual reality has been around for 15 years, and still, it feels like some new thing not fully adopted. It is like a random experiment that still isn’t fully adopted. The reason behind it is that you can’t just buy the game and play, you need to buy VR headsets and other equipment to get the fullest experience possible. That is the first problem MetaBourne will solve.

We are planning to be the best virtual reality platform on Earth, we will accomplish this with our platform on a decentralized blockchain. Through our revolutionary way of doing marketing in Metabourne game, game and everything necessary to play the game will be cheap as you are playing the classic game on your computer.

To fully understand how we will do that follow us on Twitter and go regularly to our website.

The second problem is that games in VR are looking pretty basic in comparison with classic games.
In our cooperation with Steam, Nvidia, and other big vendors we are here to change that. Our game will be more realistic than any game on the market currently, and it will be by far the most realistic game ever on VR platforms.

Those two are the biggest problems currently on the VR market and we are here to change it forever.
The third problem is lack of content, with our game this will never happen, because initially it is designed like a game about space exploration and conquering new worlds and planets, but in the long run, we will connect with other good multiverse projects that will begin to rise on the crypto blockchain after MetaBourne and MetaBourne will be the center of numerous metaverses. The idea is to be able to do in virtual reality all that you can do in the real world and much more.

Stay tuned for more news about our project.

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