MetaBourne – Biggest VR game in the history of mankind

The gaming industry is growing faster than ever before. In parallel with that virtual reality, gaming is more widespread than ever.
We are here to lift the bar and create something unique. Virtual reality game with real-world graphics, virtual reality world on the blockchain-enabled platform.

Metabourne will be a game primarily designed to explore the infinity of the universe, to explore new planets that man can conquer and occupy, why aliens would come to earth, and why not the other way around. Be ready for the best possible experience that the gaming world can provide, be ready for completely realistic graphics in the virtual world, you will feel like you are in a movie, and the details of the graphics will be like never seen before in any classic game. That’s not all, with our sponsors we will provide every player with very affordable prices for VR equipment, so the cost of the game will turn out to be like playing one of the classic video games. We believe that this move will enable a great adoption of virtual reality and our MetaBourne game.

In terms of the crypto-powered metaverse, everything in our game will be integrated between NFT and smart contracts. Our patented AI ecosystem will allow other metaverses to join our community and expand us on their platform. The only currency that will be used on the MetaBourne platform will be MetaBourne Token.

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