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The Story Starts Here

First ultra-realistic Metaverse – after putting on your VR headset you will immerse yourself into joint real-virtual world, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Metabourne is an online, three-dimensional game about space exploration, finding new planets suitable for life, players will be able to conquer new planets, establish new civilizations, buy and trade virtual assets, transform real-world assets into the virtual world, and so on. Endless possibilities.

Metabourne is a game about space exploration, searching for new planets suitable for life on Earth is the main purpose of the game, but the main goal will have a lot of accompanying content with which players can relax and have fun, Metabourne planets will build a development team based on real data real-time by NASA, and the game’s graphics will be the best seen in VR games, you won’t be able to tell if you’re in the real world or the virtual world.

The first game to apply the latest and greatest currently available in the world of virtual reality. Easy integration with other Metaverse worlds is planned for the future. We are financially supported by large companies and brands that want to take advantage of our unique marketing system that will be integrated into the game itself.

The Story Starts Here

Create your character through our patented award-winning Next-Gen 3D Technology. Your avatar in Metabourne can look exactly like you in real life or you can modify it depending on your preferences.

Digital clones technology

Ultra-realistic digital clones of yourself that users can customize and use in the number of MetaBourne Metaverse activities.
Scan yourself and mint the scan as an NFT that you can use in MetaBourne Metaverse, sell or rent your clone and earn an income.

Unmatchable graphics

You will be overwhelmed with unparalleled graphics, a truly unique experience that can be experienced only in MetaBourne Metaverse.

World’s best crypto game!

Out of this world graphics, the biggest and largest game ever invented, possibilities are endless, you can explore different worlds, enter battles and access the marketplace, earn money and use it in MetaBourne or the real world. Partnered with NASA to bring you a unique game experience, a virtual experience developed according to real-world data.

Training ground and playground

Train any skill that real-world offers you in our metaverse training facility, after hard work takes a break and relax on our music party planets, feel free to explore content and visit virtual concerts while you are preparing your character to play MetaBourne.

Patented Artificial Intelligence VR marketing

All top brands are competing to be in our MetaBourne game and present themselves to our players in the best way possible, our blockchain-enabled AI algorithm is a unique and patented solution that will give the best experience to the players and the best ROI to investors. Finding a target audience has never been easier.

Token Allocation Summary

We are community driven project. The majority of tokens are allocated to our community. You are the real owner of Metabourne! You decide where to go!

The presale offering of MTB will be given to the loyal holders and followers of Metabourne. As a way to reward loyalty we have decided to give holders the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the Metabourne project.

Distributed to community 70%
Development & Marketing 20%
Founders & Team 5%
Advisors & Partners 5%

Supported by Global Partners

Metafront Team

Chang Xie

CEO – Business Development at Metabourne

David Grey

Product Manager at Metabourne

Mark Jazin

Lead Game Development at Metabourne

Ruggero Grecco

Head of Marketing at Metabourne

Our mission

Our Mission – to accelerate the adoption of gaming in the crypto industry by bringing in the next 20M users with next-gen AI 3D technology

MetaFront Protocol exchange mechanism enables anyone to trade physical products for on-chain value by tokenizing a commitment to exchange as an NFT. MetaFront virtual reality environments are governed by Smart Contracts, allowing token holders the ability for flexible, tokenized ‘in-world’ interactions, rewards, voting, contests, virtual goods, and more ‘in-world’ transactions utilizing MEtaFront compliant Tokens called MetaFront Token.

How awesome would be to have a VR game set in the next few hundred years of humanity’s adventures in exploring our solar system? Imagine future spaceships but still “rough” around the edges with “learn by mistakes” flaws and adventures. Imagine seeing the first crews setting foot on distant celestial bodies. The kind of sci-fi game that you as a human can relate to (or could in the future) and feel like it’s just a matter of time, not some far-fetched technology that could as well be magic. The kind of game that would make the new generations want to learn, explore and discover new technology and new worlds. Silently waiting for MetaFront!


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Q2/2021

    Setting up the legal entity
    Initial talks with high-profile investors
    Expanding advisors team
    Expanding developers team

  • Q3/2021

    Private presale for high profile investitors
    Testing and auditing smart contracts
    Expanding developers team
    $20M seed funding from high profile investitors
    Preparing for CertiK audit

  • Q4/2021

    CertiK audit
    Preparing for marketing campaigns
    Expanding marketing team
    Expanding developers team
    Working on minimizing fees

  • Q1/2022

    Website v2
    Preparing for public presale
    Setting up the Twitter channel
    Strategic investors

  • Q2/2022

    Final stages of developing AI services in our metaverse
    Testing beta stages of AI in our Metaverse to further expand and develop our metaverse
    Presenting beta version of Metabourne to our strategic investors and partners
    Conferences and expositions
    Expanding developers team

  • Q3/2022

    Public presale
    Preparing for listing on Binance
    Marketing campaign for Binance
    Binance exchange public listing
    Publish 5 year plan to scale to up to 100M players

  • Q4/2022

    Preparing for listing on
    Marketing campaign for exchange public listing
    Publish 10 year plan to scale to up to 500M players


Follow the video instructions.

Follow video instructions

All transaction will be approved after our Team will review it, for faster approvement please provide us TXN number of your transaction. See video to provide the correct number.

Follow Video instructions.

Presales are frequently a way for chose financial backers to get insider advantage by getting more tokens for their worth. With every purchase you get 10% bonus.

You need to click on Purchase Tokens button on top of our site and register as Investor on our platform. Presale starts on 03-11-2022.

You need to click on Purchase Tokens button on top of our site and register as Investor on our platform. Presale starts on 03-11-2022.

The best way to learn more about our Metafront project is to read our whitepaper

  • Binance On-Launch
  • Kucoin Q2
  • Coinbase Q3

70% investors / Distributed to Community
20% Marketing campaings
5% Founders and Team
5% Partners and Advisors

Metafront token is compatabile with all major crypto wallets:



Trust Wallet

Coinbase Wallet

and many others. Please contact our support if you have a different wallet.